Negative reviews the underbelly of fake reviews services

Muntayta MuskancWhile it is natural to want to have positive things said about us online. Some folks have decided to post fake negative reviews against their competitors or a company that set them off. Fake reviewers seem to absolutely hate Walmart. I have seen more negative reviews posted at Walmart than any other business. I have been helping out at GMB forum and have seen several complaints of fake negative reviews there were in fact real. The reviewers for Mobifix LTD have been leaving negative reviews for the competition. The niches I see the most negative reviews posted against competitors is Law and Locksmiths. I know they are some the spammy of niches and maybe not the best example.

While monitoring Detroit Seafood Market I discovered that 2 business were repeatedly being assaulted with 1-star reviews. It turns out that while Muntayta Muskanc loves DSM, she hates City Wide Auto Sales 2 locations. Muntayta is best known as a hot redheaded selfie thanks to a reverse Google Image search.

Next, we have Christopher Anthony whom also raves about DSM but hates City Wide Auto Sales and Aaron’s.
Its the same with Jimena Canavesi she loves DSM and hates both City Wide and Aaron’s. We also have Michael William
loves DSM and only hates Aaron’s. Michael’s real name, Ethan Mildren is Baseball minor leaguer. There is also James Noah who hates both Aaron’s and City Wide while loving DSM.

While we can’t tell for sure if either company is bad. There are a lot of additional reviewers tied between the two. Dennis Burks is “totally disappointed when I bought a thing from Aaron’s.” What thing? It doesn’t matter, Dennis is actually a lawyer in Tampa (he has been alerted prior to this writing.) I discovered a total of 28 fake negative reviews all left for Aaron’s that all came in the last 2 months. Prior to the onslaught of fake reviews, they only had one 1 star review.

A majority of the fake profiles all connect back to DSM or their other business, Ultra PV Lounge.  or The Harris Building. The Harris building has had over 20 fake 5-star reviews posted with the last month. So while these three businesses are all benefiting from the fake glowing reviews, Aaron’s and City Wide are taking the brunt of somebody’s malice. Fake reviews are illegal and are consumer fraud. Leaving fake negative reviews opens you up to a civil lawsuit and possibly a criminal case. If I were either owner, I would consult with a lawyer and go after DSM to get the name of the business they contracted with and go after to the person that placed the order.

Review fraud is out of control. It took me less than 20 minutes to find and identify 50 fake profiles via a manual search. The pattern was beyond obvious. There was a flashing neon sign. They used mug shots, a murder victim, Twitter profiles, a singer and several lawyers to make themselves look real. They could not hide the broken English and would use the same phrases repeated in several reviews. Fake reviews can be stopped if Google added more layers of filters to check IPS and see if the same businesses are being reviewed over and over by a lot of the same “people”. What if Aaron’s or City Wide went out of business because of these fake reviews or couldn’t make their mortgage? While Google claims they can’t be sued, there should be a way. I have sent this list off to the FTC and State Attorney General to investigate this matter.

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