Why this website

Review Fraud was created because it is illegal to falsify reviews. It is referred to as astroturfing. Fake reviews are punishable by the FTC with a minimum $250,000 fine. Fake reviews mislead the general public. Since consumers are using their hard earned money and companies are using fake reviews to hide real legitimate reviews.

The companies listed on this website not only have been caught using fake reviews, they also have complaints about poor service and or products. This website is set up to expose and educate the public as no business on this website can alter any information on here. If they are listed on this website, they should be avoided. That is our agenda. This website’s only goals are to expose businesses faking reviews in order to get them exposed, investigated and hopefully get the reviews taken down.

Google has a huge role in how they choose to not deal with fake reviews. Since Google is focused on fake news and fake business listings. They need to focus on measures to stop allowing businesses to use fake review services. Attempts to contact Google and point out fake reviews have been ignored as fake reviews do not violate their Terms of Service (TOS). We have shown Google clear examples of fake reviews profiles reviewing the same 12 business in different states. Those fake reviews are still live. This site is attempting to change it by shedding a light on the practice of posting fake reviews.

We are also using this website to share our information with various media outlets. We have reported business list and not listed on this website to our contacts in the media to run stories on them. This is a multi-layered plan of attack.

Our only horse in the race is the general public. No businesses listed on this website are being used to help out a competitor. If a competitor is helped out, it because the business listed here is faking reviews and stealing potential customers from them.

If you have information about a business in your area falsifying reviews, please contact us and we will look into them. Email us at [email protected]