Does anybody care about fake reviews?

I kept being advised via email that nobody cares about fake reviews. Google sure seems to prove that fact. The GMB forum gets countless threads regarding fake businesses and fake reviews. It is faster to remove a fake business listing than it is to remove countless fake reviews. In fact, it takes Google 2 to 3 months to A. agree that the reviews are fake and B. remove them. While some SEO’s and I disagree on the how out of control or widespread the fake review issue is. The fact remains that fake reviews hurt consumers duped by them or reputable businesses being overshadowed by businesses with countless fake reviews.

Some of the businesses I have uncovered falsifying review should never be allowed to operate. The complaints filed against them all echo the same themes, bad or nonexistent services, broken or poor products, ripping people off and threatening lawsuits or leavening fines against negative reviews. I have seen 2 businesses go out of business because big ole shock fake reviews will not solve the underlying issue cause the negative reviews. The businesses selling or offering fake reviews either don’t get or understand this fact. Why would they when they are making money with their services. It doesn’t make sense for them to fix the problem.

So why do I keep getting people so concerned with how I use my spare time? A few people have been kind enough to use their own emails address to tell me how to spend my time: “Let me give you a word of advice, try doing something meaningful with your life like helping the starving children in the world, donating your time to feeding the homeless, or getting your dick sucked. Your such a loser, wannabe reporter, who is wasting his time harassing innocent people over stupid bullshit. BTW, have a nice day!” At least Shantae let me know it was her. The others hide behind fake names and email addresses: “Your site looks like shit. you must have a lot of free time on your hands to write about random businesses you find might have some fake reviews on google. What about all of the other directory sites? Or are your detective skills not good enough to detect fake reviews on every other site in the world that shows reviews? No one cares about you. No one cares about fake reviews. Google isn’t going to manually crack down on every review ever posted. It’s not feasible. Your crusade is basically a giant waste of your time as it won’t earn you any money ever unless you plan on extorting businesses to remove fake reviews. Who’s to say the business was even knowledgeable about the fake reviews in the first place? Random people can post reviews. Competitors can post fake reviews. Marketing agencies can post reviews.” There is another concerned citizen wanting to advise me how to spend my vacation time; “My main man… you have way too much time on your hands.. aren’t you a manager at ott?? Spend your time working on your clients seo. You spend all of your time tweeting about nonsense. Do you really think people listen to your tweets? Your video on YouTube has 16 hits… I’d say no, they don’t. My best guess? You want to feel important? I suppose. Just kind of sad. What happened to SEO Counsel? Oh, it failed. Nice yelp page! Get off Minecraft and Twitter. Help our your clients at ott. I will be warning all others how you spend 98% of your time. Gin gin, Jason.”

All 3 emails are connected to businesses covered on the review fraud website. They are the ones super concerned with how I spend my spare or vacation time and they should be. Fake reviews can’t remove this website from ranking. Consumers will find this website and move on to another business not listed here. The threats and insults only make me dig my heels in further and keep fighting. That is what they don’t get and can’t understand, it’s my fighting spirit. My Pink Floyd anti-establishment mentality. I was raised on classic rock, I grew listing to protest songs. Some people see the world the way it is, I see it how it should be. Get busy living or get busy dying.

For the people threatening me, pay careful and close attention: “I will destroy your business brick by brick, piece by piece. I will identify each and every single business that you post fake reviews for.” I know you are worried and you should be. I don’t quit, won’t stop. I have more interviews planned for 2018 and I am working on setting up more. January 2018, will be huge. Don’t worry about my traffic, video counts, tweets, worry about the wave that is coming. Myself and others have been featured in LA, NYC, Tampa, Tampa, Detroit, Indy, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Hartford. That was just 2017. 2018 will be kicking off in style. I have all of these press contacts. How many more do you think I have that have yet to air their news story?

At the time of writing this, I was informed by my cyber stalker bully using a 3rd email address that they posted the following rip off report complaint.

ripoff report ott

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