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Fake Review Profliles

Here is our list of offenders. We are adding to and compling to the list of known fake profiles posting reviews Emma Stone Businesses Reviewed: Osteria Nono Risorto ESP Services Inc Bill Frusco Air National Air Conditioning Il Vizietto di Cortina Ristorante Anonimo Veneziano Il Vizietto ristorante Trattoria Rio Novo Ristorante and Pizzeria | Fish best food of Venice Zikiya …Read more »

Detroit Seafood Market

If you are thinking about eating at Detroit Seafood Market in Detroit, Michigan, you might want to think twice. Detroit Seafood Market has countless fake 5 star reviews. For the past 6 months Detroit Seafood Market has a steady flow of 5 star Google reviews. The first fake profile review was post by Robbie Thomason back in October 2016. With …Read more »