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Abe's of Maine BBB F ratingBefore you make a purchase from Abe’s of Maine of you need to look past their 3.5 Google rating and glowing reviews to see the full picture. We stumbled upon Abe’s of Maine when we were collecting data another business with suspicious reviews. We added them to the New Jersey business state page and moved on. We decided to take a closer look and found that Abe’s of Maine was covered in an NBC News story How to avoid online HDTV shopping scams  This article was from April 29th, 2012, a full 6 years to the date. Reporter Gary Merson referred to Abe’s of Maine “as the poster child bad online dealers”. This is review fraud so we will bypass their warranty claims address by Gary and focus on the reviews instead.




Abe’s of Maine Google Reviews

Abe’s of Maine currently has 650 Google reviews. Our question is how many of those reviews should not be trusted? The fact that Abe’s of Maines is an online seller with a physical location made it a little harder to spot fake reviews, however, we kept digging and found some of the typical signs of fake reviews.

Aaron ThomasAdrian Summersett,  and Bridget bai all reviewed Nationwide Debt Reduction Services 1213 Culbreth Dr, Wilmington, NC 28405 and Abe’s of Maine in the past month. We also uncovered shared reviews for Amoderm Cosmetic and Wellness Medical Center 18 Endeavor suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618 from both Bridget bai and Adrian Summersett. The profile for Gamers United reviewed Nationwide Debt Reduction Services and 3 rehab listings in Northern California. Open Wings is an apartment complex, Second Chance is hiding their address and Final Steps in a residential address. Krebs on Security published an article on the spam that is happening in the Rehab Industry where people are being paid to create fake listings as a way to generate call leads. The non-existent listings are also being left with fake 5-star reviews too.



Abe’s of Maine BBB listings

Westpark Electronics, LLC DBA Abe’s of Maine has an F rating with the BBB. The BBB notes that 24 out of the 66 complaints were closed in the past year. The BBB only keeps complaints for 3 years and then they expire. Abe’s of Maine is averaging 2 closed complaints a month. 37 complaints were marked as either the complainant rejected to the solution or never reached back to the BBB and 8 complaints were ignored by Abe’s of Maine.

Abe’s of Maine Yelp Reviews

Abe's of Maine Filtered Yelp reviewAbe’s has two Yelp listings. The first one for their 5 Fernwood Ave Edison, NJ 08837 marked closed. It has a 2-star rating with 89 reviews. Yelp offered a link to the live listing and it also has a 2-star rating but has 309 reviews. Since 2014 Abe’s of Maine has received 220 1 star reviews that Yelp has not filtered out. It is worth noting that one of the forty-three positive reviews from Jeff D.  purchase and identical tv, a Samsung 65 inch TV from Abe’s of Maine in 2017 and a 65-inch curved UHD Samsung TV in 2014 from East Coast TVs 601 W Linden Ave Linden, NJ 07036. There is a filtered out 1-star review from Brad S. who called out Abe’s of Maine, East Coast TV’s and Joe’s AV as “These are all companies that use a bait and switch practice”. Both Abe’s of Maine and East Coast TV’s use private registration so that you can not see who owns either website. East Coast TV’s has a 2-star rating with 191 reviews. 130 of their 191 reviews are all 1-star reviews.

If you are looking to purchase a TV, camera or any electronics from Abe’s of Maine, you might want to look at their reviews carefully before you purchase from them. Reviewfraud does not recommend them as a business and suggests you shop elsewhere.

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35 thoughts on “Abe’s of Maine

    1. FYI, I removed the link back to Abe’s of Maine. I hope this is true and was the case for you. I have seen countless other people claim the opposite is true. However the positive reviews is what is rather alarming and the reason for the post.

        1. It could be a sign of a Jewish or 7th Day Adventist business. Your comment makes no sense. I have no information on Abe’s of Main one way or the other.

        2. ROOSHV, that is not a good gauge of what makes a store a scammer or not. B&H Photo in New York is closed on Saturday and is the most highly respected professional electronics store in the US. Abetter guide would be to look and see if they are a authorized retailer/dealer of Sony, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, etc. products. Abe’s of Maine is not while B&H Photo is for all of them and many more.

  1. Ordered a camera and lens package on a Friday. Received an email on Sunday asking me to call to speak to a the Most Bored CSR In The World – who then told me that the camera lacked a battery, battery charger and lens caps. Tried to sell me a “retail package” for $200 more that wasn’t listed on the website. I’ve bought cameras for 35 years and never had one ship without a battery. Canceled the order and bought from a competitor I trust, paying the same.

    1. I have heard similar stories like this. I am happy to hear that you found a camera elsewhere. Make sure to leave a review for that vendor to help them out. I know that it will be a lot to them.

    2. The same just happen to me , I purchased a camera and they called me on the phone and stated it would be another $200 for Battery , charger , and cables . As a disabled Vet money is what it is . When I informed him that I could not afford another $200 he proceeded to snap at me and say WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT AFFORD IT !!! . Then all of a sudden the camera was not in stock and would be a week to get , I said cancel the whole thing and then it became well I have a camera and he would through in the accessories. This was a very bad experiance and I suggest everyone file a complaint who has had issues

    3. cancer, avoid at all costs! bait and switch. will call you after you ordered to tell you some bullshit and upsell you. i doubt they have anything in stock. then they will threaten you with a restocking fee of 15%. then they will insult you. cancer pieces of shit. good luck.

  2. There were some very reliable electronics and camera dealers (e.g. Oldens) and there still are. I have done business with B&H for decades and the only problem has been FEDEX – twice I received shipments that looked as if the boxes had been used for football practice. The first shipment contained chemistry, and a bag of fixer had been punctured several times – there was fixer all over everything but B&H customer service was of little help. “Clean it up carefully and wash your hands well” was what Mr. Posner suggested, far from what I expected. No mention of how the bag was punctured (not in transit because there were no holes in the box.) It was my first and only negative experience with B&H.

  3. I received a camera from them as a present. So i do not have any options if the camera is bad. I am assuming hopefully that even if it is a grey market camera it will function properly.

  4. Purchased a Cannon 6D Mark ii from them today and am now very nervous. Like everyone else the advertised price was lower than most retailers but after I placed my order a VERY fast talking guy named Steve called to confirm it and say it did not come with a battery, strap, caps etc and it was also the Asian model and all modes and settings would be in Japanese. Said he can get me American model for $400 more. I was walking into a meeting at work and while I did state I can get batteries for like $60 he tried to say these are special ion lithium yada yada and that is why. I didn’t have time to deal with it so said ok and hung up. I called back later in the day when I had more time and was told that if I stick with the lower price is does not come with a warranty and will be in all Japanese. I was told I purchased the American model and would receive the warranty card to fill out and register directly with Cannon. I went with them because the financing was good and it was interest free for 6 months. I tried to call back to cancel my order 3 times but even though it was during business hours I got a message saying call back during business hours. I am nervous I got swindled! Like many others I saw decent reviews on many sites and thought I was safe. WRONG. Will update if my camera ever comes…

    1. You need to report them to the FTC. That sounds like deceptive marketing practices and should be investigated by the proper authorities.

    2. Oh, shoot. I am having the exact same thing done to me with a Nikon lens. I am regretting it dearly. I think I’ll return the lens the moment it arrives at my doorstep, as I do not trust what is in the box.

  5. Be very careful buying from Abe’s of Maine. Don’t expect any customer service or warranty . You may feel like your getting a deal but after they get you on buying necessary accessories like battery’s, you really are not . But more importantly , after your purchase your on your own . They won’t email or call back. Do not buy a extended warranty , it is totally useless . They will tell you the repair is not covered but can’t tell you were in the warranty contract it says that . Beware of @Abe’sofmain!

  6. Abe’s of Maine does not stand behind the products they sell or their warranties.
    I bought a Canon 5D Mark III Digital SLR and a 2-year warranty that was supposed to cover everything but malicious damage and losing the camera. The camera was used extensively around water, but was not dropped in the water. It started working poor, so we took it to an authorized dealer who said there was moisture inside and could not be fixed. I contact Abe’s warranty company, New Leaf, and explained the camera was not dropped in the water but there is moisture damage. New Leaf said the camera was not covered, had I dropped in the water it would have been covered; but since I was truthful and explained it was used around water New Leaf would not honor the warranty.
    I then contact Abe’s of Maine and Lisa, the Customer Service Manager, said they would “make this right”. After trying for several months for Abe’s to cover the warranty and “make it right”, Abe’s offered to give me back what I paid for the warranty, I don’t want the warranty payment back; that would be like paying car insurance and when you need the insurance they give you your premium back with no coverage. Wednesday, October 24, Abe’s of Main offered to SELL me a camera at a discount. I don’t want to buy another camera from Abe’s, I want the camera replaced under the warranty.
    I first contact New leaf and Abe’s in July and four months later I am still trying to get Abe’s to do the right thing and honor the warranty I purchased on the camera from them.

  7. I ordered a TV today from them, accepted their “6 months no interest” financing (for a fee of $99.00!) for the $2096.99 purchase price of the TV. Everywhere else was selling it for not less than $2796.99. I received a bill from them showing the transaction as advertised for $2096,99. However, imagine my surprise when I received an email from FORTIVA that showed a balance due of $2484.99! I called Jeff, the sales rep who sold me the TV, and told him that I never agreed to a shipping insurance fee of $384. In fact, I had told him during our initial sales call that I only wanted the free shipping without any add-ons. He wasn’t happy, but he agreed. When I called him back after I received the aforementioned email from FORTIVA and told him that I had not agreed to any insurance. When I tried to cancel my transaction, he became aggressive, and said there would be a $15.00 “restocking fee”. I asked how could there be a restocking fee when I had just placed the order not more than 15 minutes prior! At that point, he broke the phone connection and would not answer return calls. I then called Jennifer, a CSR person, who eventually agreed to refund $100 if I would agree to accept the order. I agreed, since at $2384.99, including shipping, “White Glove Service for free” (the delivery men bring the TV into my home, unbox it to determine if any damage has occurred during shipment, and then plug it in to make sure that it works. I wish that I had read these reviews prior to placing an order with them as I would never have even called them in the first place! I will update this review as this little drama unfolds further.

  8. I purchased a new Nikon 16mm Fisheye lens on https://www.abesofmaine.com/ at Abe’s of Maine on 10/17/2017. Iwas called the next day by a guy who told me that in order to get the accessories that come with the lens it would
    be additional money and he talked me into the good deal and said lens was under full US warranty. I just sent the
    lens in for service to Nikon last week since it never really focused well and was told by Nikon that they cannot look
    at it or service the lens since it is a gray market lens. Now it is too late to dispute the charge with my bank and I am stuck with a lens that is a gray market.

  9. I bought nikon d750 from abes of maine.they say it is brand new. But there is no warrenty papers. This sales man said this nikon is imported form oversea gray maket .it is realy nonsense.store will be fix one year warrenty.This online store is real crooks.also before shipping this store ask to buy battery and charger.package does not come with battery and charger.This store shut down by nj consumer affair . REAL CROOKS PEOPLE.NEVER BUY CAMERA FROM THIS CROOKS.

  10. I bought a 55″ curved TV from Abe’s of Mainr about two years ago. Other than the delivery guys being about 2 hours late, I had no problems with them and my TV is outstanding. Sorry to hear so many people had problems.

  11. Ordered an EOS 6D Mark II and received it with no problem. The camera is amazing. Was able to register it successfully with Canon for the warranty no problem. They did however pull the “battery and charger” scam with me – they will not place the order unless you call them to “confirm” your order. The camera is everything that I wanted, and I did get it cheaper than most places, but what people are saying is true about accessories and batteries – they do appear to scam you in this way.

  12. I just experienced the same accessories scam from Abe of Maine today ordering a Sony a7 iii body online for a small discount. When I responded to a call, I was told that the purchase is ‘body’ only, without battery or other normal accessories that comes from a Sony camera package. Never heard of that before. Should have read all the reviews before I placed the order. Big lesson learned.

  13. Bait and switch! Fraudulent business practices — the whole nine yards. Ordered a TV online — great deal. Too good, looking back now. Got a call that I needed to cover the “insurance” for shipping which added another $400.00. When I said no then the haggling ensued. A free “warranty”, etc. No way. I don’t mind a little haggling in person but not for an online/on phone situation. I’ve never had a problem with B&H. I’ll stick with them.

  14. Just got off the phone ordered a camera sony for better financing and a “sale” price. Some guy who I can hardly understand, sounded like he was asleep said he was calling to confirm then started to offer to sale me a battery, charger, card etc. All the things that usually come with a camera like when I order from B&H. I went back to the site and sure enough there are no specs. for what comes with the camera. He went on to go on how he will give me the price at B&H and sale me the batter, charger and other stuff to meet that price. What scam, told him so he mumbled something about being in business 40 years and so I canceled my order and asked for an email saying it was cancelled. Lesson learned never fall for the “sale” price.

  15. I’m so glad I found this page. I found a pro camcorder on Abe’s that was $600 below the price being charged by B&H. My experience is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I googled, “Is Abe’s of Maine legit?” and found this site. Needless to say, I’m going to buy from the company I trust. Plus, a store that sells camcorders and refrigerators is probably not the store you want to buy pro video equipment from.

  16. A few days ago, I noticed an online ad by Abe’s of Maine for a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Zoom Lens for $1359 ($240 below Adorama and B&H) and placed an order. The next day, I received an e-mail stating that they would NOT fulfill my order unless I called and spoke to Jeff. I called, no one answered, left a message. Next day, I received another e-mail to call Steven. I called, turns out his name is “Jeff Stevens”, but with a foreign accent. He told me that the $1359 price is for a grey market lens, and “recommended” that I upgrade to a US market lens, but did not state the price. He fast-talked me into purchasing a 3 year extended warranty and a 3 filter set at a greatly reduced price. I was attending a conference and had no online access to do a price check. When I received the “Proof of Purchase” by e-mail, it stated, “(RETAIL USA KIT INCLUDES LENS HOOD & POUCH + 2 CAPS+3 HD FILTERS + 3 YEAR WARRANTY)”, for a whopping $2247. It felt very wrong and I immediately went online to investigate. I found a few websites that addressed this company’s shady practices. including “bait and switch”. My trust in Abe’s hit rock bottom. Luckily, I did not accept the package yet, as UPS attempted to deliver it but I was not home. I called the credit card company for help, and they stated that if I do not accept the delivery, Abe’s of Maine is obligated to reverse the charges. I will post another reply if this is not successful.

  17. Unfortunately, I found all of these horrendous reviews two days after ordering a Nikon Coolpix P900 from Abes. I had looked for reviews prior to purchase but only found positive reviews. I ordered the camera which was $415 and the bundle for another $79, and the 3 yr. extended DOP warranty. Yes, I got a phone call prior to shipping and the fast-talking salesman snookered me into the better battery and a faster memory card scam. The incredible battery he described would cost an additional $50.00 and the super-fast memory card an additional, $20 which brought the total to $678. However, I never received an email containing a revised receipt, or a copy of the warranty, and when I checked my credit card, I had been charged an additional $91.00. I have been royally shafted. The camera came yesterday.There was a Nikon battery in the camera box and a cheap no name that came in the bundle. No upgraded super-fast battery. The only memory card was the one included in the bundle. Also no warranty card. The salesman said they would register my camera. I am calling to return it monday and calling my credit card company. Biggest fraud i have ever encountered!

  18. Lucky You for not accepting delivery. Their return policy, however, states you will still be charged a 15% re-stocking fee and shipping in both directions. Still a lot less than $2247. Call and start a dispute with your credit card company, and watch for additional charges for the shipping and re-stocking fees. I was not so lucky. I accepted my package. Now I am fighting to get a full refund for my camera which I thought was such a bargain before they pressured me into purchasing extras I didn’t even receive. I wasn’t told my camera was grey market or refurbished, it is supposed to be new and genuine, but there was no Nikon warranty card in the box nor did I get a copy of the extended warranty I purchased or proof it was registered. I am an old woman who was just looking to take some decent wildlife photos. I was not looking for a protracted battle to get the merchandise I bought and paid for. So disappointed and angry! Why is this place still in business!!

  19. Thank you for the review/comments here. I was thinking about purchasing a Panasonic GH5 or GH5s from Abe because they are $300 less than the competition (Mother’s Day sale?). Not thinking about buying from them now. I’ll stick with B&H or Amazon or Amorama, Best Buy, etc.

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