Welcome to Review Fraud

Our purpose is to expose businesses that are faking reviews in an attempt to hide real negative reviews. Oue mission is to find, idnentify and expose business that are lying to the general public and taking advantage of consumers.

Most business do not know that it is illegal post and falsify reviews. If caught you can be subject to a minimum fine of $250,000 by the FTC. The FTC takes these allegations of consumer fraud seriously. Sage Auto was fined $3.6 million dollars for lying/ deciving consumers. They ran a bait and switch adversting while employees were leaving 5 star reviews.

We have found and indentified a group of businesses using a fake review service to mask real complaints.

Affordable Appliance+
Detroit Seafood Market
Immediate Response Plumbing, Inc.
Air National Air Condition and Heating
Student Loan Relief, Inc
Texas Businesses falsifying reviews
Monks Law Firm
Power Factory Productions (Sound system installation Houston)
Jack Byno, Attorney at Law
Tiger Sanitation
WCA Waste Corporation
ESP Services Inc
Align Chiropractic and Massage
Keystone Realty & Management
Dr. Rodney Raanan, DDS MMSc
Please contact us if you have been taken duped by a company falsifying reviews and ended up using their services or if you know of a company falsisify reviews. We will be happy to look into them.