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Traffic Legal Center 45BUCKSCan you trust Traffic Legal Center®® and their eight convenient locations? With the average rating of 4.9 stars on Google, they seem well enough. How many of their reviews and listings should be the trusted? The first listing for Traffic Law & DWI Counselors®® at 100 S 4th St #550, St. Louis, MO is a Regus office. Regus is a virtual office that businesses without physical offices rent to work out of. We see a lot of shared office spaces or virtual offices being used to help businesses rank in cities that they are unable to rank inorganically. This location has 4.9 rating with 36 reviews on Google. The most recent review from Angelina O. has left reviews for 3 different law firms. We also have the review left by Omni Farious who left reviews for 17 law firms in Missouri. We see the same with Joseph McMillian he left reviews for 14 different law firms and reviewed United Car Care as did Omni Farious.

Law Firms all being reviewed:
Dwi Lawyer Centers® of Carter Law®
100 S 4th St #550, St. Louis, MO 63102

Traffic Law & DWI Counselors®®
100 S 4th St #550, St. Louis, MO 63102 –

Traffic Law Counselors®®
400 Chesterfield Center #400, Chesterfield, MO 63017 –

DWI Lawyer Centers®®
400 Chesterfield Center #400, Chesterfield, MO 63017 –

KC Traffic Law Counselors®®
435 Nichols Rd #200, Kansas City, MO 64112 –

DWI Lawyers Center®® of Carter Law Offices
435 Nichols Rd #200, Kansas City, MO 64112 –

Traffic Law Ticket Center 45BUCKS®
882 Penny Ln, St Peters, MO 63376 –

Traffic Law Services® CoMo 340-2555
303 N Stadium Blvd, Columbia, MO 65203 – Regus office

Traffic Law Counselors™®
139 Berkshire Downs Dr, O’Fallon, MO 63376 – Residential address with 3 law firms

Traffic and DWI Law Counselors®
1148 S Benton Ave, St Charles, MO 63301 – residential address

Traffic Law Counselors® STL Traffic Ticket Center®®
500 Boone’s Lick Rd, St Charles, MO 63301 – real

Traffic Law Counselors®®
1001 Craig Rd, St. Louis, MO 63146 –

Traffic Law Counselors®®
348 Woodbridge Dr, St Charles, MO 63303 – Residential address with 3 law firms with 2 law firms

DWI Lawyer Center®®
7777 Bonhomme Ave #1800, Clayton, MO 63105 – Regus office

What quickly stands out is the how 6 businesses are sharing 3 addresses and suite numbers. Ig Google had algorithm him to catch this blatant spam, they would have suspended these listings. There are several Regus office locations i.e. virtual office and residential addresses with more than one law firm attached to them. The all have been reviewed by suspect profiles that review several of the above-mentioned law firms and an out of state businesses. It appears that reviewer: Dan Diciaula tipped his hand and showed all of the questionable law firms that are being operated by the same individuals. Time will tell if Google takes any action and shuts down these listings or removes the listings. We are not holding our breath.

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