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I was recently alerted to Google reviews for The Paul Powell Law Firm. It seems that people really love Paul Powell. They have a 4.9-star rating with 44 reviews. It appears that bre lo who left the only negative review. I decided to contact The Paul Powell Law Firm and advise them that engaging in posting fake reviews is a felony and consumer fraud. I offered him the chance to clean up and remove the reviews. Instead, Paul decided that it was best to email me and play dumb. That email reply email was an insult to my intelligence. Mr. Powell claimed to be perplexed to which reviews I was referring to. I told Paul to cut the crap and advised him that I was game to call his bluff.

The Paul Powell Law Firm fake review Danny MoseleyI emailed Paul the following 3 examples of fake profiles:

Nash Dawson
Reviewed Paul and Taylor Robinson Music & Voice Lesson in Texas.

Danny Mosely
Reviewed Paul and Taylor Robinson Music & Voice Lesson in North Carolina.

Angelic aQuan
Reviewed him and left negative reviews for the same restaurant in Las Vegas along with both Nash and Danny.

It is interesting to note that the influx of fake positive reviews started within the past 30 days of October 18th, 2017. The Paul Powell Law Firm had several positive reviews and didn’t need any new ones.

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