Sunrise preschools

Updated 10/3/2017

A representative from Sunrise Preschools has reached out to me. I was advised that a 3rd party company¬†took all of the¬†handwritten reviews and would post them on behalf of the Sunrise. This is practice does violate Google’s TOS. All reviews have to be posted directly by the person leaving the review.

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise preschools

    1. These reviews are fake as the reviewers have reviewed several of the same businesses over and over. The pattern of each reviewer is not natural, buying cars in multiple states, and needing car repairs in others. One reviewer purchased a car in North Carolina and one in Colorado Springs and needed to visit a vet in Las Vegas, while the rest of their reviews are centered in Utah. I have seen Sunrise Preschool connected to countless of the businesses that I have looked at in other states. There are center niches that used fake review services; movers, lawyers, car dealerships, roofers, locksmiths and etc.. Sunrise Preschools reviewers all managed to review one if not more of those niches in different states like this “A Google User

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