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Have you heard of Oncabs or Flitways? I never had and when I first spotted them in the network of intertwined reviews, I assumed they were a small-time cab service. I was shocked to learn that have 54 locations from Los Angeles to New York. They are also a publicly traded company with regular SEC filings. Flitways has an app where you can schedule a cab ride to pick you up. Yes, its Uber for Taxis. Taxi cabs are regulated by the government while Uber is not.

When I first discovered Oncabs Houston, I added them to my list and moved. I had bigger fish to fry. While I was looking into the reviews for Northwest Movers, I started noticing different listings for Oncabs. I discovered that 8 of the Oncabs locations were all interconnected to Northwest Movers via a least 1 reviewer; Houston, Irvine, San Antonio, Nashville, St Louis, West Palm Beach, Phoenix, and Memphis.

I took a look at the complaints against them and the overwhelming theme was rides being canceled or not showing up as promised. There were a few reviews that stated that they were still charged when they needed to find another ride after their fare was canceled. So which reviews do we trust the negative ones of the positive reviews?

Oncabs 54 listed locations:

Oncabs Northwest movers fake reviewsI took a look at all 54 locations and I have determined that 42 locations have fake reviews. I noticed that several locations shared reviews with Dynamic Chiropractic Center in Seattle. AVPI in D.C. Nature’s Own, OCSEO, Nucoat Painting in Pasadena CA, and Hate Painting in Florida. Several of the reviewers only left a few reviews and they were for multiple Oncabs locations. Even the Flitways corporate office in Culver City received a review from Christy Brown whom also review Nature’s Own Pest in San Antonio.



Oncabs Natures Own Pest Control fake reviewI reached out to Flitways for a comment about this and I have not received a reply at the time of this posting. I have not posted the all of the screenshots as there are too many to post.

400 Corporate Pointe #300
Culver City, CA 90230

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6 thoughts on “Oncabs Flitways

  1. What is considered fraud ? Reviews of accommodations, attractions and restaurants should only be written by TripAdvisor members that have had a customer service experience that they want to share with the community.

    1. Flitways is a scam! They will take your money and no taxi will show up!

      On 27th October 2017 I contacted Flitways to book a taxi from an apartment New York to JFK airport. When I spoke to the agent, she guaranteed that driver would arrive within 10 minutes. My credit card was charged $132.29 AU. No one showed up. After 20 minutes, I tried calling the driver’s number supplied by a Flitways text message, but the line would not connect. I then tried calling Flitways back repeatedly and could not get through to an agent. By the time I finally got through to an agent it was 40 minutes later. I complained that the driver never arrived and that I urgently required someone to pick me up and take me to the airport. The line then disconnected. I looked at my bank statement and noticed I had been charged an additional $148.29 – a cost I had not authorised. No one showed up to pick me up. My friends and I were forced to hail a taxi on the street and we were within 5 minutes of missing our overseas flights to Australia. (Note the taxi only cost $50 USD compared to Flitways excessive cost).I have never had such appalling service in my life. I was charged a total of $280.58 and no service was provided. I then tried to get through to someone who could help and the line kept disconnecting. My friends and I almost missed our flights because of this. I strongly believe this is a fraudulent service and the stress this caused me and my friends is unbelievable. I have since repeatedly reached out to the company for a refund and no one will respond to emails and the phone disconnects.

      Do not use this service… it’s a scam!

  2. FlitWays – 100% scam and terrible comany

    DO NOT USE – Please listen – DO NOT USE

    Easy to book, even get a discount.

    Had at least 10 emails after I booked saying my car was on the way to pick us up even though I booked it for the next day. Contacted customer services by email who said the system had a ‘glitch’ and my booking was still valid for 23 November @ 3.17pm

    I then receive an email saying I have been refunded (WTF). I contact CS again and they confirm my booking is valid for tomorrow once again.

    Landed at FLL airport and followed the directions to out side the terminal at the shared ride stand. 2 emails came through saying driven on way and is 4mins away and another stating he had arrive. Guess what, no one showed up. Phone number they supplied when to an ‘monitored’ line, another number just rang and eventually asked me to leave a message.

    I emailed CS and received a reply saying another car (make/model/colour supplied) was on its way etc etc…..IT NEVER ARRIVED EITHER.

    Arrived under my own expense at hotel, emailed CS detailing my feelings and everything else that went wrong. You will all be surprised that I have not received a reply as yet 24hrs later.

    I have asked for my fare back + taxi cost + compensation for making me wait over 1 hr.

    Would give zero stars if I could.

    These should be reported for FRAUD to the nearest police. Pleased I only lost $16 (need to check account to be sure as others are saying they take more without permission).


    1. Update (March 2018): The company is now trying to bribe me to change my review….

      Hi Paul M,

      I’m Christina, Reputation Manager at FlitWays (OnCabs). We noticed that you had an unpleasant experience using our service on 11/23/2017.

      I want to personally apologize the for inconvenience this experience might have caused you. We are using yelp reviews like yours to improve our overall quality and how we service our customers.

      We would like to incentivize you with a $200 amazon gift card or $200 cash bonus via PayPal or $200 donation to your preferred charity if you could help us update the message and star ratings on your Yelp review below. We strongly believe that you didn’t deserve the horrific experience you had, and we want to make it up to you with the bonus stated above.

      Please let me know as soon as you make the changes on your yelp review below so that we can send you your bonus.

  3. I recently used Flitways for a ride to LAX. They pre-charge ($52) from W. LA. They say this includes tax and tip. More on that later. So at 3pm, I get an sms from Flitways that driver should be there. Get SMS from driver that he has arrived. Driver works for Uber. Does not want to take us as there are 4 passengers and 3 suitcases. (I told Flitways that there would be 4 pass./3 bags.) Talk him into taking us. I call Flitways from the airport and ask what happened. They say they didn’t have enough cars, so they called Uber for me. There is no tax TO the airport, only on a pickup FROM the airport. They did not give a tip. Driver told me total was $23. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge. Extremely unprofessional service. Call a cab next time, or call Uber yourself and save $29.

  4. We booked a taxi with them 3 days before our departure to go to the airport at 2am . I was not really confident so call them the evening to confirm then call them 30 minutes before the rdv The lady on the phone tell me my taxi was arriving in 10 minutes i got all my lugage out in a hurry then 5 minutes later i received a sms telling me : your booking has been declined due to limited available vehicules . For new booking please call !!!! Can you believe it !!!
    We were 40 minutes away from the airport and couln t get another taxi to bring us .. Real nightmare neither again !!

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