Harbor Breeze Cruises Long Beach CA

On Saturday, November 4th, I was contacted by the SEO firm representing Harbor Breeze Cruises in Long Beach. The email asked me to review their competitor to see if they were falsifying reviews to be used in a pending court case. I was not able to find any evidence that their competitor was falsifying reviews and I advised them of my findings. I was nudged to look at their reviews to see if they were being slammed by fake negative reviews. The first review I looked at was a review from A Google User. This profile left 47 reviews from Alaska to Florida and from New Jersey to California. Somebody connected to Harbor Breeze Cruises is engaging to review solicitation which is A. against Yelps TOS and B. against Google’s TOS as the user themselves is not posting the review directly.

I checked my list and sure enough, Harbor Breeze Cruises had already been added to my list months ago. In fact, the 3 most recent negative review called them out and stated that she believed that they had falsified reviews. Her complaint came after 3 glowing reviews from A Google Users. In fact, there are 70 reviews from A Google User.

I am biased here and I don’t like the way I was contacted. I feel lied to. I suggest that you look at all of the reviews for Harbor Breeze Cruises and make your own judgment call.




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