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cloud 9 marketing Jee Law FirmWhy is Cloud 9 Marketing DBA Aguilar Ventures on review fraud? I was alerted to the fact that Jee Law Firm has some suspicious reviews. It turns out their SEO company Cloud 9 Marketing is taking credit for the increase in reviews per their Facebook post. Upon a close look at Jee Law Firm and Cloud 9 Marketing, I discovered a pattern of abuse that violates Google’s TOS. The first and most glaring TOS violation is the spammy business names. I found a mixture of cities and service keywords intermixed into the business names. A prime example is Cloud 9 Marketing’s Addison location. They listed themselves as “Cloud 9 Addison Marketing Agency | Web Design | Graphic Design” Did you notice the Geo modifier along with a list of their services? The Addison has 5 reviews. The oldest review is from a user by the name of Abigail A, who shares the similar name of their website developer Abigail Aguilar. The next review is from Claudia Della Polla whom is a Social Media specialist. She reviewed both Cloud 9 Marketing locations and EthiqsTax Services, LLC. We next see a review from Hector Perez. Mr. Perez also left a review for EthiqsTax Services, LLC. That wasn’t Hector’s only review for a la firm, as he reviewed Jee Law Firm, M & M Law Firm, and The Presti Law Firm. Next, we see a review from la fe disco whom also reviewed the same businesses. There are also several businesses using the same addresses. As it turns out 1601 Elm St, Dallas, Texas 75201 is a WeWork location, WeWork is a virtual office that you can rent spaces from and use a desk or meeting room to meet with clients. Virtual offices are a sometimes legitimately staffed by businesses, yet typically they are used to game the system.


WeWork houses the following businesses:
Rashmi Custom Tailors One of the Best Tailors in Dallas
Mercury Transportation & Limo
Tower Club – Dallas
Cloud 9 Marketing
Skyline Realty Firm – Real Estate Agency Dallas
Aguilar Ventures: Residential, Commercial Energy Broker

Rashmi has been marked as permanently closed. Apparently receiving three 5-star reviews from clients of Cloud 9 wasn’t enough to keep them open. Based on the reviews from SC Sons Services, we see similar businesses reviewed by Hector Perez. Sc even reviewed Hector’s listing.

Rashmi Custom Tailors One of the Best Tailors in Dallas
1601 Elm St 33rd floor, Dallas, TX 75201

Mimi Nail Salon
8787 N MacArthur Blvd #105, Irving, TX 75063

Grand Nail Salon
3878 Oak Lawn Ave Suite 305, Dallas, TX 75219

The Presti Law Firm
9241 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75243

LaFe Disco Club Tyler
13087 US-271, Tyler, TX 75708

Hector Perez Renovations
2523 Dunloe Dr, Dallas, TX 75228

Harwood Tavern
333 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

Mercury Transportation & Limo
1601 Elm St 33rd floor, Dallas, TX 75201

Godinez Auto Repair | Oil Change | Tune Ups | Major Repairs
2622, 10909 Jupiter Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

EthiqsTax Services, LLC
2661 Midway Rd Suite 213, Carrollton, TX 75006

JEE Law Firm
3811 Turtle Creek Blvd Suite 275, Dallas, TX 75219

Skyline Realty Firm – Real Estate Agency Addison
16801 Addison Rd Ste 124, Addison, TX 75001

Skyline Realty Firm – Real Estate Agency Dallas
1601 Elm St, 33rd Floor, Dallas, TX 75201

Cloud 9 Addison Marketing Agency | Web Design | Graphic Design
16801 Addison Rd Suite 124, Addison, TX 75001

Cloud 9 Marketing
1601 Elm St, 33rd Floor, Dallas, TX 75201

Rafael Badbadzhanov Cloud 9 MarketingIt turns out the Cloud 9 Marketings’ Addison address appears with other businesses review by SC and Mr. Perez. The address 16801 Addison Rd Ste 124, Addison, TX 75001 is also listed for Cloud 9 and Skyline Realty Firm – Real Estate Agency Addison. We now have 2 different Cloud 9 Marketing locations sharing offices with Skyline Realty. A check of the Skyline Realty website lists the following Cloud 9 Marketing Employees’ Rafael Badbadzhanov and Rafael “RJ” Aguilar. Mr. Aguilar is listed as the marketing director. On the Cloud 9 Marketing website, Mr. Badbadzhanov is listed as one of the managing partners.

This SEO strategy of exchanging reviews, using virtual offices/ sharing addresses and keyword spamming is more of a Nightmare on Elm Street than a recipe for SEO success. It is very troubling that lawyers would allow non-customer reviews to be posted. I know of a former SEO person turned realtor that I would trust way more than the team of Cloud 9 Marketing/ Skyline Realty Firm. I would be wary of a realtor that doesn’t play by the rules as there is no telling if and where there will draw the line.

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4 thoughts on “Cloud 9 Marketing Aguilar Ventures

  1. Surely this is fraud? And isn’t that a criminal act?
    I’d like to believe most of the businesses with fake reviews here have no idea the SEO firm they’re using is doing this.
    Doesn’t make it right, and I’m not sure what the legalities of that are.
    I wonder – can the business owner be charged/fined be held liable in the US?

    1. These reviews are illegal. Mr. Badbadzhanov has a brokers license and he could lose it for this practice. The lawyers on the other can could be disbarred over this. These people have to know how illegal this practice is and the ramifications.

  2. These kind of bloggers do not even have their license to post such kind of fake news about other companies review.
    Hey admin! please show us your license first.

    1. I am at a loss on what license you are referring too. If you’d care to elaborate, I would love to discuss it further. I have presented a rock solid case showing obviously suspicious reviews. I also clearly document conflict of interest reviews being left by family members. I asked a friend who happens to be an amazing Internet Marketor and has her relator’s license about the rules governing broker’s licenses and violations.

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