Brett Boyer Diamond Carpet Care in Thousand Oaks

Brett Boyer Diamond Carpet CareYou have to be really special to get your own post write up, but Brett Boyer of Diamond Carpet Care in Thousand Oaks gets the dubious honor. You see Brett was upset over a negative review that used his full name in the review. While it went have been easier for Brett to contact the upset customer and work out a solution offline, Mr. Boyer decided to ask the GMB help forum to remove the review. As it appears Brett Boyer only wanted people to tell him sure thing no problem, we will delete that review for you. Sadly the review did not violate any of Google’s TOS. Brett decided to insult and people attempting to offer advice. Sadly he posted the following comment and removed it, but not before Google email all participants in the thread:
“I would say you need a job and a life. Stay out of my personal business. If need your advice I will ask for it.” He replaced the message with Bozo the Clown. He wasn’t done and decided to refer to Google employees as, “tards working in a third world shitehole.”

This is review fraud and deals with businesses with fake reviews, so let me focus on that and not Brett Boyer’s charming personality. Mr. Boyer has 2 different GMB listings:
Diamond Carpet Care
330 Blue Ridge CT
Thousand Oaks, CA


Moorpark Carpet Cleaning
Moorpark, CA

Both listings have 5-star reviews personally identifying Brett as the person they spoke with. Two different listings is not a smoking gun, but the reviewers are. Randy Henderson, Sue Watkins both left reviews for Diamond Carpet Care and Mike Morin Auto Mike Morin Auto Detail at 19631 Lanark St, Reseda, CA 91335. Two different reviewers reviewed the same 2 businesses only is extremely rare. The plot thickens when Darleen Eiseworth posted two reviews for Moorpark Carpet Cleaning and Mike Morin Auto Detail. The last 2 reviews from Moorpark Carpet Clean both mention traffic areas/ lanes.

Before you hire Brett Royer and any of his carpet cleaning services, you should know how he behaves in a public forum. He may have removed his business name and address from the thread, but I know who is he and what type of person he is.

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1 thought on “Brett Boyer Diamond Carpet Care in Thousand Oaks

  1. Sadly, this sort of behavior is all too common. Rather than addressing the problem, many people elect instead to attack those who call attention to the problem. Just imagine what would happen to a customer that dared share a negative experience they had with either of Brett’s companies. Keep in mind he would have access to all your pertinent personal information, including you home or business addresses and billing information. When Google refuses, as they should, to remove a negative review, who knows what sort of tactics a person like Brett might resort to next.

    Any company that would post or hire a third party to post fake positive reviews is not a company that can be trusted. Any individual that would attempt to have negative reviews removed from a public forum is not a person you want to trust with access to your home or business. If a business is reputable or trustworthy, they wouldn’t need to resort to posting fraudulent positive reviews in the first place. And let’s make one thing abundantly clear: posting false reviews is fraud.

    There are many carpet cleaners to choose from in the Thousand Oaks and Moorpark areas. I encourage you to find one with more personal and professional integrity than Brett Boyer. Should you have a bad experience with him, who knows how he might respond or retaliate against you for posting an honest review about your negative experience with his company. I certainly wouldn’t risk giving my sensitive personal information to such an individual. I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would.

    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time” ~ Maya Angelou

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