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It appears that the overly glowing reviews for Asal Motors are not enough to battle the negative reviews. Asal Motors currently has a 3.8 rating with 253 Google reviews. Should Asal Motors be trusted or do we need to look further? A closer look sheds light on a network of questionable reviews affecting countless businesses.

The first reviews that Google serves up as most helpful, was posted 4 days ago by Lydia Dean. Lydia has 10 reviews, but a look at her profiles clear shows Lydia leaves reviews in California, Texas, Florida and New Jersey.

Next, we have the review from mariella nick who reviewed 3 of the same business in 3 different states as Lydia. Those businesses are Asal Motors in New Jersey, Payless Response Team in Florida and C&C Property Management in California.

The 3rd most helpful review was left by Iris West. She is the 3rd review posted by a woman too. She too left reviews for Payless Response Team in Florida along with 9 different moving companies. She also left a review for in Houston, Texas just like Lydia did.

Next, we have the review from Tureck Bailey or as I like to refer to him as Chef Wolfgang Puck since that his image. Mr. Bailey left reviews in Ireland, the UK, and Peru. Mr. Bailey doesn’t share any reviews with the above ladies, however, he did leave a glowing review for Psychic & reiki Readings in Summit, New Jersey.

It turns out that Laura Birkinsale a level 5 local guide also left a glowing review for Psychic & reiki Readings in Summit, New Jersey and for Ryan Amato Painting, LLC as did Mr. Bailey.

asal motors Google user fake reviewsIt appears that somebody connected to Asal Motors altered their review strategy. When we first discovered that Asal Motors had fake reviews, they had 45 reviews posted by A Google User. Maybe it was cheaper to go with a different service to post reviews faster or maybe the positive comments stopped flowing in. The only people that will know is whoever is paying the review services.
Here are several of the Google User reviews:

Yelp tells a different story. Asal Motors currently has a 1-star rating with 17 reviews. All 17 reviews that are live are all 1-star reviews. There are 30 filtered reviews that Yelp does not trust and 18 of them are positive. I can see why some were filtered by Yelp filters. The negative reviews repeat the same message of buyer beware. It is worth noting that the reviews are also voted on as being useful by other Yelp users.

If you are thinking about purchasing a used car, you might be better off skipping past Asal Motors and going elsewhere.

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4 thoughts on “Asal Motors

  1. Asal Motors is a SCAM….
    Charged me over $7, 500 in overcharges. Hidden charges
    A $20,000 car cost me $$27,588.00 after thier secret fraudulent charges.
    They are cunning scammers.
    Buyer BEEARE !!!! Asal Motors a SCAM.

    THEY GOT ME… $20,000 car cost me $27,000.00 after hidden charges! They added on $3000.00 for the dealership fees, and never included my trade in on my 2001 Corvette. I still do not have the details from the paperwork! When you are at a dealership and the salesman gives you a brunch reasons why they can’t let you drive a vehicle on the is for a lot of reasons 1) the car doesn’t run and or needs work that the dealership is well aware of. 2) make sure to look this car over a few times before making a purchase a lot of them have flood damage 3) beware of the credit application process these people love running your credit even if have cash in hand and the reason for that is most dealerships like this one get a kickback from the lenders doesn’t matter if you bought a car or not. So I’m just saying people BE CAREFUL when purchasing a vehicle from here or bring a technician with you to look over the vehicle to help make a decision. Make to know what fees are due and what is not this dealership will throw in extra fees just to maximize what they make at the end of the day

    1. Another Asal Motors Complaint
      Same as I reported!!!!!!!!

      We have to Stop them from hurting any more people!

      1. Not advertising the $995 delivery & transportation fee, $395 documentation fee, $375 tag fee
      2. Continued to financing process for vehicle purchase, with the following experience:
      Vehicle internet price: $14,999
      Fees: $995+395+375 = $1,675
      Finance rep. claimed the total price of the car including ALL fees, out of the door would be $20,999.
      The terms of the finance were: 60 months, 10% APR, $440/month with $2,500 down payment.
      Breakdown of terms:
      $440/month for 60 months = $26,400
      Down payment = $2,500
      Total cost of car: $28,900

      The business stated the total would be just under $21,000; however, it ended up being as high as $28,900 which is almost $8,000 higher than they claimed


    Drove 3 hours after speaking to them on the phone and setting an appointment. They added over $2000 to the internet price due to dealership fees, including a nearly $2000 FRAUDULENT “preparation charge”.

    Walked out. They chased me to make a deal. We made the deal. Shook hands. Signed papers. Got the car insured. Had to run to the bank to get a cashier’s check – and when I returned the car was “sold” to someone else. They tried to get me into another car, but I refused. The original car still shows on their website, and when I called them they just said it was available.



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