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Anton Brothers Marketing Atlanta Georgia Insider PagesAnton Brothers Marketing aka Atlanta SEO is gaming the system with spam links and a spam business and fake reviews. Anton Brothers Marketing updated their Google listing to and are now calling themselves Atlanta SEO. This is not allowed, but they are skirting the issue because that is the name they listed on their website. The also the benefit of the exact match domain. The backlinks are bought and from spam farms, Private Blog Networks (PBNs) or forums. Since this site is review fraud, let’s dive into the reviews, which are the bigger issue.



ehron h fake reviewesThe first review that is listed under most helpful is fake. Ehorn H loves them even though they only know web design and needed to recommend a different SEO company. Wait, this is Atlanta SEO!!! Surely they have to know and understand SEO? Apparently, Ehorn is hard to please as he/she has had to use 19 different web design/ SEO/ Marketing companies in 7 months. Ehorn it appears has left the world of car buying and auctions from 3 years ago.



calvin harris fake reviewCalvin Harris only felt compelled to leave 1 review and it’s for Atlanta SEO, Calvin wants everyone to know that:
The first company that pops up on a google search is Atlanta SEO. What better company to do business with than one who can show and prove!” Sure that is what matters for any SEO company. It turns out that this might be Calvin Willis and not Calvin Harris according to the reverse image search. I attempted to track down Mr. Willis but his website has expired.






deanna clover fake reviewNext, we have Deanna Clover who left a review for APVI in DC. APVI has been on our master list for 2 months now. Deanna has used moving companies in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona and in Portland, Oregon. An image search shows reviews left for NJSEO. The pop-up video for NJSEO is the same one that Anton Brothers have. In fact, the review she left for Atlanta SEO is being used word for word for NJSEO too.



Hanson Le has used 2 movers companies and 2 marketing companies all a year ago. Hanson only left 4 reviews and went radio silent since. It appears that his fortune 500 company never panned out with the Anton Brothers Marketing.

I personally reviewed the websites that the Anton Brother’s worked on. The sites are super basic. They did not build or coded from scratch. They are Godaddy site builder. The traffic spiked for a while and then came crashing down. The websites doe not pass the basic speed tests and have tons of coding issues. This is a major case of buyer beware. Normally I’d tell people to look at other reviews sites, but they there is no Facebook, Yelp or BBB listing for them. There is a nasty complaint on Ripoff Report.

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4 thoughts on “Anton Brothers Marketing

  1. Lol. Hard to take this serious with the anonymity your website uses. Until then, I’m afraid your just a lonely, poor pesent who has far too much time on his hands.

    1. Ben, you are more than free to have any opinion on this website. I have decided to publish your comment instead of deleting it. However you meant peasant and not Pesent: “An amazingly awesome and perfect person who lets her daughter go to Texas with BBroke.”

      1. lol, you’re a turd, but hey, we need individuals like you in this world! The ones who make a fraction of an income per year, who complain about politics all day long, and spend their free time writing on websites such as this dump hole. You have way too much time on your hands my man.

        1. Ben, I am sorry that it is lost on you that some of us care about the shape of the world and how it impacts others. Fake reviews are illegal and defined by the FTC as consumer fraud. I have decided not to let this practice continue and am attempting to make changes for consumers that are preyed upon and taken advantage over companies that shouldn’t be in business. “if the grass is greener, water your own yard.” I am active in politics and this practice because I care and want to leave the world better than I found it. BTW everyone on this website and the my entire list has been turned over the FTC.

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