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A Google User 36 reviewsYou would think that A Better Way Wholesale Autos would have a higher rating than 3.1 with their fake reviews. Apparently, there are not enough fake reviews to combat their negative reviews.  A Better Way Wholesale Autos has either contracted Reviewboost or Dealersynergy for their review service. These companies take handwritten reviews or email reviews and then create countless Google accounts using the name: A Google User. These reviews are against Google’s TOS as the person that wrote the actual review did not post the review themselves. A Better Way Wholesale Autos currently has 862 Google reviews. I counted a total of 97 “Google User” or “A Google User” reviews.

A Google User reviews:


A Better Way Wholesale Autos Yelp

Yelp is not as kind as Google and A Better Way Wholesale Autos has 1.5 rating with 87 reviews.
They have 228 reviews that filter out by Yelp. A majority of the filtered reviews are negative. I had to click on page 16 of filtered reviews to find 5-star reviews. The negative reviews that have not been filtered out, detail a horrible experience with the sales staff and calling out questionable sales tactics.

A Better Way Wholesale Autos appears to either be extremely loved or absolutely despised. The fact that they have used a 3rd party to post reviews on their behalf does not bode well as there is no way to vet the reviews themselves. They could be real customers or a high school kid writing them. All we do know is they are not the customer themselves using their own accounts to post the reviews. In fact, even J&M Automotive Sales and Service LLC 756 New Haven Rd, Naugatuck, CT has the same fake “A Google User”/ “Google User” reviews. You might be better off going elsewhere instead.

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