Stolen Identities

Did you know that your identity can be stolen and used to post a fake review? The images need to come from somewhere and will a majority of the photos are stock photos, there are real people and celebrities being used to falsify positive and negative reviews.

Morgan Spurlock. While Mr. Spurlock in not a household name, you probably heard of his documentary Super Size Me. Morgan’s image was used for the following fake review profile:
Micheal J Snow Morgan Spurlock









Kevin James. We all know that Mr. James is the King of Queens but somebody thought we wouldn’t notice his new name, James Kevin. Would this make him the Queen of Kings?

James Kevin









Steve Patterson maybe a NBC news reporter covering news stories in California for NBXC Nightly News, we is also a fan of Detroit Seafood Market.
Joshua Christopher Steve Patterson





While all the young girls know who Liam Payne is,┬ásomebody didn’t and grabbed a his image. As it turns out Dublin Crook left his review for one direction incorrectly and left the review for the wrong location.

Dublin Crook










Adele exarchopoulos





Murder Victims

Stock photos



Sheryl Sandberg the COO of Facebook

Sherly Sandberg COO of Facebook

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