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Northwest Movers

Should Northwest Movers be trusted? They have a 4.9 Google My Business rating so surely that have to be a great company to use. A deeper look into thier reviews uncovers a disturbing trend. Either people use them to move to Arizona or to leave Arizona. Matt Torres, cristina tavena, Sophia Gutierrez and Yessica Virelas all have left reviews for …Read more »

Negative reviews the underbelly of fake reviews services

While it is natural to want to have positive things said about us online. Some folks have decided to post fake negative reviews against their competitors or a company that set them off. Fake reviewers seem to absolutely hate Walmart. I have seen more negative reviews posted for Walmart than any other business. I have been helping out at GMB …Read more »

Review Spam Hall of Shame

Please enjoy or  Review Spam Wall of Shame. Here are some of the worst fake profiles or reviews we have seen. We have enjoyed a few chuckles and felt that these fake reviews needed their own post. The Bob Newhart award goes to Darrell Jenks and his other brother Darrell Jenks. Will the real Darrell Jenks please stand up? We …Read more »

MobiFix LTD

While I was checking out the Google My Business forum this morning I saw a post for help where a business owner was complaining about receiving a negative review. The owner claims the reviewer in question is a fake person and not a customer of his store. The reviewer in question: Melissa Castellanos not only appears to be fake also …Read more »

Russ Darrow Group INC

If you are looking for a new or used vehicle you might want to skip the 10 Russ Darrow dealerships. Between the complaints of poor and rude service, all 10 Russ Darrow locations have seen an increase in fake glowing reviews in the past several months. A quick look into the recent reviews has uncovered a pattern of countless reviews …Read more »

AAAAA Plus Website Design Detroit

Is AAAAA Plus Website Design Detroit the ring leader of the fake review network that Detroit Seafood Market, Immediate Response Plumbing, ESP Services INc, Affordable Appliance is using? Yes, the answer is Yes. While checking out the Facebook reviews for Immediate Response Pluming Inc, I stumbled on the profile of Timothy Mosely. According to his profile, he is the Owner at …Read more »

Fake businesses with fake reviews

Google recently published a study claiming that fewer that 0.5% of local searches lead to fake listings. We must have found the 0.05% while only looking in just the Los Angeles market. We found 5 fake businesses that we set up for lead generations practices. Lead Generation means that the listing was created with a telephone number and/or website to …Read more »

Student Loan Relief INC

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. That is precisely the situation with Student Loan Relief INC. You see, Student Loan Relief INC was previously the subject of news report by CBS 11 News Dallas Fort Worth for failing to provided services that they were contracted for. According to consumer complaints lodged with the BBB. …Read more »

Affordable Appliance Plus Austin Texas

Thinking about buying an appliance from Affordable Appliance Plus in Austin, Texas? Don’t!!!! While Affordable Appliance Plus touts a 13 month warranty, negative reviews state otherwise. The common theme in the negative reviews is people being sold and delivered appliances that don’t work. 7 reviews state that the appliance arrive broken and quit working within a few weeks. A few …Read more »

Immediate Response Plumbing

Picture sitting at home.  You are minding your own business.  You are either playing with your kids, watching tv or working from home and all of a sudden there’s a knock on your door.  You open your front door and you get the shock of your life.  An employee from a business you gave a negative review to wants to …Read more »