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Jimmy Z Appliance Services Seattle Washington

Jimmy Z Appliance Services has 2 actions against them by from the BBB. On May 26, 2016 the BBB contacted Jimmy Z re advertising claims listed on their website. Three days later the BBB issued another action for a pattern of complaints being filled against them. Jimmy Z has yet to respond to the BBB. They also have an F …Read more »

Dr Rodney Raanan DDS

Dr. Rodney Raanan DDS seems to do more than just make fake smiles, the good doctor was outed on by Joel Grover on NBC LA on September 25th, 2017. Mr. Grover’s investigation highlighted several reviews that appear to be fake.   I first learned of Dr. Raanan back in December 2016. I was looking at the reviews for Immediate Response …Read more »

Cardinale Automotive Group

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Supreme Remodeling Van Nuys

Supreme Remodeling in Van Nuys called to let me know that they had contractors in my neighborhood they other day. Here I was sitting at work and my phone rang. It was was an unknown called based on the caller id on my cell phone. I decided to answer and entertain the caller. The started off asking for the previous …Read more »

The Home Depot Spokane Valley Fake Reviews for ORM

Everybody knows The Home Depot. Did you know that the Home Depot at 5617 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99212 has been under fired over denying a military veteran a discount. It appears that The Home Depot used to offer a 10% discount to all Vets with valid id. The Home Depot Corporate updated their policy and added new …Read more »

Power Factory Productions

Power Factory Productions has a 5 star rating with Google, but can you trust that rating. We first discovered Power Factory Productions when we are looking at Student Loan Relief, INC. Both businesses were reviewed by David Woodson.  Mr. Woodson also reviewed Russ Darrow Honda in Milwaukee, WI, Russ Darrow Toyota in West Bend, WI, and Russ Darrow Mazda of …Read more »

Glenn M Suggs is back

It appears as though Glenn M Suggs is back. We first reported about the profile of Glenn M Suggs when we covered the reviews of Russ Darrow. In fact Courtny Gerrish featured Mr. Suggs in her news report. The profile image for Glenn M Suggs is actually the mug shot of Jose Ferreira whom plead guilty to a cold case …Read more »

Oncabs Flitways

Have you heard of Oncabs or Flitways? I never had and when I first spotted them in the network of intertwined reviews, I assumed they were a small time cab service. I was shocked to learn that have 54 locations from Los Angeles to New York. They are also a publicly traded company with regular SEC filings. Flitways has a …Read more »

Stolen Identities

Did you know that your identity can be stolen and used to post a fake review? The images need to come from somewhere and will a majority of the photos are stock photos, there are real people and celebrities being used to falsify positive and negative reviews. Celebrities Morgan Spurlock. While Mr. Spurlock in not a household name, you probably …Read more »

Nature’s Own Pest & Lawn Services

On the surface Nature’s Own Pest & Lawn Services looks like a great company to choose for your pest control needs. The have 4 locations to in Texas to serve you, San Antonio, Dallas, Katy and Austin. The San Antonio location has 4.7 rating with 138 ratings with Google as of July, 6th, 2017. The Austin location also has a …Read more »